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We help seniors and their families plan their future.


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Harriet W. Johnson

The advisors at CARING NORTHAMTONSHIRE are very detail oriented and attentive. I felt well cared for and knew my future were in capable hands. They have always returned my calls promptly and was always sensitive to my needs.

Sheila S. Outlaw

Working with CARING NORTHAMTONSHIRE is definitely a pleasure for my husband and I. When we came to CARING NORTHAMTONSHIRE requesting help to plan our future, they were very attentive and listened to all our concerns and then explained to us in details all of our options. Our future is brighter today because of them.

Amanda S. Schenck

I knew from the moment that I got into contact with CARING NORTHAMTONSHIRE that they were the ones to help me plan the financial future of my mom. Finding expert and professional advice is so hard these day but these guys make it easy, simple and affordable.

Planning for the Future

Are you in retirement? Have you considered what your future will look like a few years from now? Will you have the finances that you need to live comfortably in retirement? What will happen when you eventually move on to a better place? Will those whom you love be financially and emotionally capable of giving you a proper burial? These are all things that you must consider as you get older. No one likes getting older but it is a natural process of life that must be accepted and must be prepared for.Growing old brings many challenges, not only for you but for those who love you. No one wants to admit that there will be a point when they will not be able to look after themselves but the reality is that the difficulties that come along with old age will not just disappear. You therefore need to start planning, regardless of your age now for your future.

Honest Advice - Caring Northamtonshire

At CARING NORTHAMTONSHIRE, our main objective is to help older people like yourself plan a financially stable future. The core of what we do is based on the fact that we recognize the difficulties faced by old age and we want to make this daunting area of life somewhat easier for you to deal with. With a little planning, life in retirement can be as bright and comfortable as you need. No obligations! No Charges! No hard Sell! Just people who understand the difficulties and want to help you deal with them.

Professional Services - Caring Northamtonshire

Health Care

As you get older, you will be faced with more health care related issues. Obtain advice and guidance on the best way to deal with these issues.

Retirement Planning

It is never too late to plan for your retirement even if you have already retired. Let us help you explore all of the options available to you.

Equity Release

Everyone could use a little extra cash, especially those who no longer have a fixed source of income. We can help you find out how you can use your house to be an additional source of income during retirement.

Funeral Planning

Whether or not you like it, you will leave this world someday. Allow your loved ones to grieve your death by removing the  the financial stress related to planning your funeral. 

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In order for us to truly be of service to you and to make recommendations that are best suited to your individual circumstances, we need to get to know you better. We need to know more about your current circumstances. It would be our pleasure to schedule a free consultation meeting with you at your convenience so that we can ask you some basic questions to become better aware of your current situation.

Determine for yourself what you want your future to look like?

What are you current and future needs?

What quality of life do you want?

What are your housing preference?

If you will eventually need long term care, what are your preferences?

What type of burial do you desire?